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Structural Steel Fabricators' Accreditation Scheme

Much preparations has gone into the Structural Steel Fabricators Accreditation Scheme. With the leadership of Mr Lim Keng Kuok (Chairman of the working committee), the scheme is the result of an initiative by the SSSS and a commendable two-year industry led effort by engineering professionals, steel fabricators and suppliers to upgrade the standards of the steel construction industry. The scheme encourages self-regulation in the industry and has the full support of the Building and Construction Authority.   

The initiative was first announced by Dr John Chen, former Minister of State for National Development on 14th July 2001. Since then, the SSSS has facilitated numerous surveys, as well as feedback and dialogue sessions with all parties involved in regard to the criteria and implementation details before finalising the scheme.

Mindful of the support and contributions from our Corporate Members, the SSSS organised a special pre-launch presentation and dinner at the Miramar Hotel on 13th September 2002 for all Corporate Members and their management teams for an update of the scheme, a scheme that will greatly improve and elevate the structural steel industry in Singapore. (Click here for latest list of accredited steel fabricators)

At the opening of Batimat Asia 2002 (an international building exhibition) held from 6th to 8th November at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the guest of honour Associate Professor Koo Tsai Kee, Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of National Development, in his speech mentioned Singapore is currently embarking on a journey to remake the country, both economically and socially through the formation of the Economic Review Committee and the Remaking Singapore Committee. He also highlighted the need for a self-reliant public, more consumer education and called for greater self-regulation by industry and said “I am also pleased to announce today, another initiative by the private sector called the Structural Steel Fabricators Accreditation Scheme by the Singapore Structural Steel Society. The aim of this system is to raise the standard of steel fabricators serving the construction industry. Currently, there is a great disparity in the capability, resources and quality among these fabricators. Many of the smaller operators are not equipped to handle the increasingly larger and more complex structural systems. There is a need to grade steel fabricators according to their capabilities. The Structural Steel Fabricators Accreditation Scheme will grade steel fabricators based on their track records, financial status, technical capability and the standard of the fabrication plants. With the buildability legislation, more projects using steel for construction is anticipated in the coming years and the Accreditation Scheme will ensure that structural steelwork construction is carried out by suitably qualified fabricators”.


At the Corporate Members Networking Session on 6 October 2017, the revised criteria for the SSFAS scheme was launched. The rationale for the updated criteria was to keep up with the current changes in the industry and to upgrade the fabricators' technical capabilities under the scheme.

Steel fabricators recognise that accreditation under the scheme will bring to them the following benefits:

  • Accredited fabricators can pride themselves to be recognised as among the best in the industry, having achieved the required standards in its class of accreditation.
  • The Accreditation Register will be a source for selection of reliable fabricators by good developers, consultants and contractors for their structural steelworks.
  • Accreditation fabricators will gain competitive advantages when they bid for projects locally as well as in the region.
  • Fair competition will prevail as those not accredited will not be able to compete solely on low prices without having first achieving quality standards.
  • The Scheme will encourage continual improvement and professionalism as accredited fabricators aspire to upgrade to higher categories.

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