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Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics outlines the following principles that members of the Society must adhere to. It allows SSSS members to demonstrate competence, integrity and professionalism.

1. Upholding the Reputation and Standing of the Profession

Members shall be committed to maintaining the reputation of their profession by upholding professional standards, acting ethically and responsibility and striving for excellence in their work.

When members are asked to provide an opinion in their professional capacity, they shall give an objective opinion based on the available knowledge and evidence as well as state any limitations or qualifications to their opinion.


2. Safeguarding public interest

Members shall carry out their professional duties with full understanding of the potential short-term and long-term impacts of their actions avoid adverse impacts.

Members shall take reasonable measures to prevent avoidable danger to the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves or others.

Members shall notify relevant persons (including any relevant authority) where the member, in good faith, has a concern about a danger, risk, malpractice or wrongdoing with the potential to affect others.


3. Acting with integrity and honesty

Members shall treat all persons fairly and with respect

Members shall take reasonable steps to avoid any conflicts of interest and, where such conflict of interest is unavoidable, notify all relevant parties so that they may continue to discharge their duties impartially with care and fairness.

Members shall reject any form of bribery or inducements, improper influence and all forms of corrupt behaviour.

Members shall not maliciously or recklessly harm or attempt to injure, the professional reputation, prospects or business of any other person or organisation.

Members shall not make any statements or be party to any statement knowingly or unknowingly, which they know to be false, misleading, discriminatory or inconsistent to their professional knowledge.

Members shall protect the privacy and personal data and not disclose confidential and sensitive information without legitimate cause or authority.


4. Undertaking tasks that they are suitably competent

Members shall ensure that they have the appropriate skills, knowledge and competence required to provide the products, services and advice they offer.

When overseeing or developing products or services provided by others, they shall be transparent and communicate about the extent and limitations of their relevant knowledge and skills.

Members will maintain and develop their skills and knowledge and shall encourage others to do the same.

By joining the society or renewing membership, members acknowledge and agree to comply to the Code. In case of any complaints, the Society may initiate disciplinary proceedings against the member.

If members have committed a breach of any aspect of the Code; or received a criminal conviction; declared bankruptcy; been disqualified as company director or trustee, or had their membership terminated by another professional body, they shall inform the Society.

Members shall notify the Society in confidence if they become aware of any significant breach of this Code by another member.

It is important to note that this Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics does not exempt members from complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as their contractual obligations to clients and employers.